iPyramids is a vision-inspired startup with the goal of bringing to the world a new way to address wellness through non-invasive
Biophotonic therapy. Biophotonics refers to the study of optical processes in biological systems, but we know that it really means harnessing the power of frequency to spark genuine and positive change in the body.
Let us tell you a short about Jason Stiles After a horrific incident while serving in the military in the early 2000s,

Jason Stiles suffered a setback that would normally signal the end of an otherwise vibrant life journey when his shattered leg was pieced back together with a pin, leaving that leg more than a half an inch longer than his other for the rest of his life: According to all-known principals of modern medical science. Not yet ready to accept such a future at his still-young age, Jason embarked on research throughout ancient and otherwise-labeled alternative medicines that would lead him back to the great pyramids of Egypt, as well as to the most brilliant scientific mind of the 20th century, Nicola Tesla, to find an answer. In the end, developing a unique and unparalleled breakthrough in holistic treatments that within 1 years’ time reversed the damage to his leg, and in doing so stumbled onto something that wouldn’t just correct bones, but more than anyone would have ever anticipated. See more here, and below find the black and white proof of the power of dynamically-amplified coherent fields: